• Fully indexed journal: the Revista is included in Google Scholar, Current Contents, Science Citation Index, Biological Abstracts, etc.

  • The publication does not require a mandatory payment by the authors.

  • Articles are freely available online (Open Access) so they are more likely to be cited than articles from pay-only journals

  • Rapid article processing and publication (4-8 months from submission to publication)

  • Widely read in countries with the highest biodiversity, where your article can have the greatest impact

  • A dedicated staff gives you a personalized treatment

Before sending a manuscript to our journal, we recommend you to carefully review that details of format and style are according to our requirements. Once you have taken this into account please send your work to the e-mail address biologia.tropical@ucr.ac.cr

Our journal agrees with the norms of the Open Access Initiative, every published paper can be read or download from this website.

  • Our journal publishes articles in all fields of tropical biology and conservation.

  • Selection criteria are the amount of new information, quality and interest to a general readership. Studies with a strong experimental design, prolongued field work, and taxonomic-systematics studies of whole groups are considered.

  • Notes, short communications, range extensions and similar short studies are no longer accepted.

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