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We invite you to visit the following websites:

  • UCR
    The University of Costa Rica is an internationally recognized institution in many fields, including tropical biology and conservation.

  • OET
    The Organization for Tropical Studies hosts a mirror of the Revista's website and offers a variety of services for students and teachers interested in the biology and conservation of tropical nature.

    Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología, is a multidisciplinary scientific research unit of the University of Costa Rica that researchs on the organisms, environments, and marine and fresh water processes of Costa Rica, since 1979.

    The mission of Latindex is to disseminate, make available and improve the quality of the scientific serial publications produced in our region, through shared resources. To achieve this goal coordinates activities of collecting, processing, dissemination, use and production of scientific information.
    Onychophora Online© is a source of information on onychophorans (also known as velvet worms). Onychophorans are "living fossils" in the sense that they have changed little in their body shape for about 500 million years.

    Virtual gallery by Kenji Nishida. This gallery was created as part of the celebrations of the Journal of Tropical Biology / Revista de Biología Tropical’s 50th Anniversary. You can read the photographer’s biography and see photographs of tropical organisms and sceneries.

    More virtual galleries showcasing most recent work from the photographer Kenji Nishida.