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Before submission of a manuscript to Revista de Biología Tropical t is highly recommended that you read about our scope and check that all format and style details of your document agree with the journal requirements. This will prevent unnecessary delays caused by format and style corrections requested by the journal at the beginning of the evaluation process.

Once all requirements have been checked please send your file to the e-mail It is important to include in your message a declaration of conformity of all the authors of the article, as well as a brief explanation of the contribution the work makes to science in general and specifically to the area of tropical biology.

Our journal publishes only in English and Spanish.

To prepare your paper we recommend downloading and carefully read the following documents:

Once you submit your manuscript kindly consider the following time limits for every stage of the process:

  • Allow five days to receive an email saying that your manuscript has been received. If you do not hear from us within five days, you must contact us immediately.
  • Allow 30 days to receive our message explaining if our Editorial Board decided to send your manuscript to reviewers.
  • Allow 60 days to receive reviewers' comments.
  • Allow 15 days to process your manuscript comments.
  • Allow 30 days to receive indications about the second draft.
  • Allow 45 days to receive your acceptance/charges notification.

Any questions regarding a manuscript should be sent to or

How much does it cost
to publish a paper in RBT?

Our journal has struggled since 1953 to publish valuable papers without any charge to the authors, a policy that continues to this day for manuscripts that do not exceed 10 pages and do not include color plates.

However, if you have the ability to help cover printing costs of your publication (for example, funds from any project), you will not only help disseminate the biological knowledge but also support other colleagues who, especially in less industrialized countries, have in our journal an affordable way to publicize its findings to the scientific world.

Any queries regarding payments and donations please send a message to